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Analysis and Verification of a Key Agreement Protocol over Cloud Computing Using Scyther Tool

Journal paper
Elbaz, Hazem A., Mohammed H. Abd-elaziz, and Taymoor Nazmy
International Journal of Cloud Computing and Services Science (IJ-CLOSER) 3.6 (2015)


The mostly cloud computing authentication mechanisms use public key infrastructure (PKI). Hierarchical Identity Based Cryptography (HIBC) has several advantages that sound well align with the demands of cloud computing. The main objectives of cloud computing authentication protocols are security and efficiency. In this paper, we clarify Hierarchical Identity Based Authentication Key Agreement (HIB-AKA) protocol, providing lightweight key management approach for cloud computing users. Then, we analyze the security properties of HIB-AKA protocol. We also show, a HIB-AKA security protocol proof using formal automated security analysis Scyther tool.

Trusting Identity Based Authentication on Hybrid Cloud Computing

Book Chapter
Elbaz, Hazem A., Mohammed H. Abd-elaziz, and Taymoor Nazmy
Springer International Publishing, 2014. 179-188


Nowadays users outsourcing their data to cloud provider, the most challenge on research works in cloud computing are access control and data security. Security problems come from the different kinds of cloud services for internet users provided by companies. Currently the majority of cloud computing systems provide digital identity for user to access their services, this will bring some inconvenience for hybrid cloud that include private clouds and, or public clouds. Recently identity based cryptography and Hierarchal identity based cryptography have been proposed to solve the internet applications threads. This paper based on using identity management on hybrid cloud, each user and server will have its own trusted unique identity, the unique key distribution and mutual authentication can be greatly simplified.


Cloud computing Hybrid cloud Identity based cryptography Hierarchal identity based cryptography Cloud security Authentication Privacy

A Secure Electronic Student Record using Hierarchal Identity-based Authentication over University Cloud Storage

Journal paper
Elbaz, Hazem A., Mohammed H. Abd-elaziz, and Taymoor Nazmy
International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Development Issue 4, Vol.6 (Oct. -Nov. 2014)
Cloud computing is a state-of-the-art technology to build a storage platform for data backup, resource sharing, file
synchronization, etc. there for modern university environments, university providers are more willing to move their electronic student record systems to cloud.
This archetype enable to achieve better interoperability and lower operational cost with other university providers, instead of building and maintaining dedicated data centers. However, many security challenges associated with authentication, identity management, access control, trust management, and so on, may raise in the adaptation of cloud computing in electronic student records (ESR) systems. To satisfy these requirements, we present the hierarchy feature of the hierarchical identity based authentication (HIBA) and key agreement to propose a systematic access control mechanism to support sharing data of (ESR) aggregated from various university providers in clouds as an application. The feasibility and efficiency of our approach demonstrate by implementing a concept prototype along with security evaluation.
Key words:
Cloud Security, Cloud Authentication, Cloud Storage, Hierarchical Identity-Based, Key Agreement.