1. I am interested in Space modeling namely the simulation of the interaction of the

solar wind and the Earth magnetosphere. My research interests is in the field of

Space Physics mainly to simulate the shock physics in the vicinity of the dayside


2. Analytical study of the Earth Bow shock configuration during disturbed/ undisturbed

Solar Wind flow during a steady flow of Northern Interplanetary Magnetic Field

3. Working on atypical events inside the inner magnetosphere during abrupt increase

in Solar Wind dynamic pressure (compression of the magnetopause)

4. Cooperate with Cluster spacecraft team to simulate some of their selected events


5. Comparing PIC code Modeling with Coordinated Commitee Modeling Center-CCMC supercomputed data.

6. Study of dynamic processes inside cusp of the Earth during disturbances in solar

wind dynamic pressure.

7. The dayside Magnetopause expansion/recovery and the analogy to Hot Flow Anomalies,

analytical study

8. MMS, Cluster and Themis data comparison to Kinetic modeling using PIC EM

Relativistic code

9. In new development of our work, Magnetosphere-Ionosphere- Magnetosheath coupling

is being considered started in August 2015

10. Plasmasphere kinetics modeling


  • Astrophysics
  • Space Plasma Simulation
  • Space Weather
  • Particle-In-Cell- PIC code kinetic simulations

Laboratory Personel